February 17, 2024

Dominating Web Design Trends to Watch Out forin 2022

Web creators are raising their creativity levels every year. A decade ago the mission was to remove the chaos of unessential website elements. With the passing of years, the approaches of web designs were more user-centric. The UX design was structured in alignment with the client’s needs and understanding.

Web designers feel more secure in creating web designs even in a highly competitive landscape because they are aware that today’s website is needed to be easily accessible and seamlessly navigable. It gives Austin web design professionals freedom to test their creative boundaries. Lions Share Digital Company offers web designing and digital marketing packages. They offer stories that engage people on an emotional level.

Dominating web design trends for 2022

Inclusive design

It is a UX designing style, where the b2b web design consider the demographic and user group diversity to ensure everyone gets access to the products. The focus is to fulfill the needs of as many users as possible.


It is also called ‘narrative visualization’. Scrollytelling is an array of visual elements that are sequenced and chronologically organized to transfer a specific message. The visual effects captivate audiences with intriguing messages served on a silver plate.

Horizontal scrolling

Instead of the familiar vertical navigation, the side-scrolling layout makes content interaction fun and memorable. Discover projects, visiting online galleries, and exploring cities are more engaging with horizontal scrolling.

Brutalist typography

It is a rugged style that contradicts more polished minimalism and light web design. Even with limited elements, brutalist typography can make a website stand out because of its metropolitan vibe.


People desire to remember the past after the COVID-19 situation that increased uncertainty. Nostalgia is an approach that offers an analog feel via imagery and typography using retro fonts, classic image filters, soft lighting, grain textures, pastel color palettes, and blurriness. Web designers are using these elements to create relevant experiences.

Contrast colors

Colors grab the viewer’s attention and stimulate emotions. Millennials can hardly stay indifferent to neon collared websites. It is targeted to a specific audience. The style includes underground acid shapes including neon on bright, black, and contrast gradients.

Imagery multi-layers

Currently, web designers focused on clean and pixel-perfect minimalist designs. This has discouraged several designers to choose a visually complex design style. Content multi-layering challenges conventional components that eyes are familiar with like typographical elements and photo galleries that create stories for an immersive experience.

It encourages visitors to spend more time on the website and explore. It even makes adding lots of content in limited space like on mobile screens.

Off the grid

Grid allows the designer to shape and structure the website layout. Moving off-the-center to highlight a segment is not a novel idea and is not explored. Nevertheless, designers can translate the craziest layout using a web builder, which is already coded. The task is made simple and developers can portray their vision.

Expect 2022 to be creative and playful because web designers will be moving away from some omnipresent staple trends.


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