November 29, 2023

Finest things to say when you have to inform someone that they did not get the job

When it comes to hiring, a recruiter or HR specialist has to possess some unique skills in case they ever have to tell a candidate that they did not receive the job. It is incumbent upon us to inform them that they were not selected for the role. If a candidate receives no employment offer from you, the situation might become awkward and unpleasant. In addition, human resources staff often lack the knowledge on how to inform an applicant that they were not hired. So how to tell someone they didn’t get the job?

It is quite likely that your choice will be seen as unprofessional and negatively affect the reputation of your company if it is communicated in a harsh or rude way toward other people. You must always be kind to the applicant and express your thanks for their time. A little amount of empathy might make a big difference in easing pain.

It could be hard to know where to start when you are not sure how to inform someone that they did not get the job they had hoped for. Though turning away a client is never an easy task, keeping up a professional impression is crucial. Continue reading because some of the advice provided below will assist you in understanding how to inform someone they have been passed over for a job.

The skill of telling someone else that they did not get the job

Please be civil and kind.

You can preserve your company’s image and improve each candidate’s experience working with your company simultaneously if you know how to tell someone they didn’t win the job without upsetting them.

Kindness and understanding are two of the most crucial traits to have when telling someone they didn’t get the job.

You won’t believe it, but at some time in our life, a corporation has rejected each and every one of us. It’s well acknowledged that going through this might be quite difficult and demoralizing.

Remember this and make an effort to be as sympathetic as you can when you have to tell someone they weren’t chosen for the job they applied for.

Would you kindly thank them for their time?

Remember that expressing gratitude to the candidate is one of the first steps in telling them they didn’t get the job they applied for.

You owe it to the applicants—who each worked very hard to be selected for a job in your company—to show your appreciation for their diligence. A little extra bit of compassion goes a long way toward building trust with candidates and lessening the hurt of rejection.


If you are the one calling the applicant to inform them that they have been rejected and you do not have a good reason for doing so, you should just apologize and thank them for their time. We should express our gratitude to the candidates whose applications were unsuccessful for their interest in the company, the time and energy they invested in the hiring process, and their readiness to accept the rejection of their application.

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