February 17, 2024

What Should You Do If You Suspect of Receiving Counterfeit Toner Cartridges?

It will be necessary to understand the basic relationship between any toner cartridges and your laser printers much before we discuss toner cartridges. First, let us try to understand the basic working principle of any laser printer.

When your computer will send data to your printer through the necessary cable, then firstly the printer will temporarily store the entire received data into the cache. Then it will receive a complete set of data before it will be sent to the processor of the printer for necessary processing. 

The data will then be processed into a certain set of signals, which are similar to a certain data table that is able to drive the entire motion of your print engine. For any laser printer, all these signal sets are a certain set of the pulse signal which will drive the laser head for operating.

Basically, all kinds of laser printers will work based on electronic imaging technology. This technology combines the imaging principles and also electronics for generating images. All the core components in the toner cartridge will be photosensitive. 

Certain laser light will be emitted by a laser emitter, which will be irradiated on a certain prismatic mirror. When the mirror will rotate, the light will be swept from the drum’s one end to another end while passing through different focusing lenses for scanning the drum surface.

The dots can be very small and the toner cartridge will rotate in the steps of 1/300” or 1/600”, and the scan will be performed on its next line. The toner cartridge in fact is a cylinder that is coated with a certain organic material available on its surface that is pre-charged. 

When it will be irradiated with light, a resistance reaction will occur in the irradiated parts. All the data signal that is sent by your computer will control the laser emission and scan the lights on the cartridge surface.

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Counterfeiting in your printing supply business would mean the refilling, manufacturing, or remanufacturing of any print cartridge and selling as an original brand name. Usually, it involves putting original remains into a certain box that resembles any genuine HP packaging.

In case you ever come across any fake or counterfeit product of HP then it must be immediately reported to the company. If you have ordered for a smaller quantity then you must take photographs.

After that, you can fill up a certain online form where you must send all details about suspected counterfeit activities. However, in case you have ordered large shipments, then you can call the HP representatives and get them for counterfeit delivery inspection. 

You need to ask the representative of the HP for this type of no-cost inspection for verifying the both product authenticity and also their actual quality.

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