February 17, 2024

Copier Lingo, Jargon and Keywords Described

When you’re searching for copiers you’ll frequently see plenty of acronyms or terms that do not alllow for good business to suit your needs, the layman. It is precisely what we industry insiders work for, to assist translate these keywords into coherent ideas. Below you will find most opening terms and acronyms described to create your printer acquisition process simpler.

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In the to z:

ADF = Automatic document feeder. Every machine because the submit a lifetime has gotten one of those. You will find variations in the term. See RADF and DHADF.

Bypass Tray = another paper source that normally supplies envelopes, labels, or heavier paper. Technology-not just to supply any paper you don’t have easily available in your regular paper trays

CPM = Copies for every minute

Developer = A finely ground metal material that adheres for that drum magnetically to transfer a picture onto toner, developing a picture within your paper.

DHADF = Dual mind automatic document feeder. Generally referred to as as scan squared, this feeder has two scanners that scan each side in the original in a single pass without flipping it around

Driver = A print driver is included in the pc to speak correctly together with your type of printer.

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Drum = The drum is a valuable part within the copy process since it “receives” the look inside the developer and transfers it for the paper with toner

Drum blade = The blade wipes the drum clean on every rotation. For people who’ve a classic drum blade you’ll begin to find lines within your prints.

Duplex = 2-sided printing, copying, or checking

Finisher = Another bit of hardware that allows the copier to staple and offset sort your printed documents

Fuser = The completely new part of the copier that fuses the toner within the drum for the paper.

LCC = Large capacity cassette. This cassette holds 3,000 or higher sheets. It is really an additional cost, hardware and enhances the footprint within the copier

Ledger Paper = 11 x 17 is frequently referred to as ledger, although it’s more frequently just known as “11 x 17”

Legal Paper = 8 ½ x 14 paper is frequently referred to as legal

Letter Paper = 8 ½ x 11 paper is frequently referred to as letter

MFC = Multifunction copier. Helps to ensure that it prints and scans together with copying.

MFP = Multifunction printer. Most “copiers” nowadays are MFPs.

Parts per million = pages for every minute, an current variation of CPM because it implies not only copies

RADF = Reversing automatic document feeder. This feeder will instantly switch a traditional to make a two-sided copy.

Saddle Stitch = A different type of finisher which will fold and staple documents like a guide

Sorter = Another term for finisher. It’ll offset sort your documents plus a handful of manufacturers possess a stapling function.

Toner = Toner may be the “ink” of laser printers. It is a VERY fine powder that moves like a liquid, be careful when replacing your toner cartridge. Most toner cartridges nowadays don’t have any open holes for toner to leak, but you have to be careful when handling one.

I know there are other concerning this list, however this should really be sufficient to acquire while using purchasing process.

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