February 19, 2024

How sophisticated is employee monitoring in 2021?

Remote working or work from home has become very prevalent nowadays and is opted by many companies. It is efficient and doesn’t stress the budget for the companies.

What do you mean by employee monitoring?

It is a way of analyzing employees’ performance and stats via the activities they perform in the office or during working hours. It is opted by many companies as a means to track efficiency and bring necessary changes.

Do tech companies reap any benefit from employee monitoring?

They reap the benefits via the following methods:

  • Good flexible range and efficiency in work
  • Attendance tracking
  • Securing the data

Challenges that are faced by these software developers

As work from home is quite prevalent and is gaining popularity companies are facing some immense challenges regarding the development of monitoring software.

If the software is not capable or efficient then it can cause many problems. Some challenges faced are:

  • Communication is not up to the mark
  • Time tracking and performance is inadequate
  • Trust in the software is limited

How can we manage developers of software?

Let’s see some ways in which managing the software can be done effectively and efficiently.

  1. Communication should be improved by different methods. Some options are team meetings, personal chat and forum making, etc.  Ask them to provide feedback and ideas for better employee value. Be flexible while accepting the reviews.
  2. Using monitoring software for efficient tracking and performance analysis.
  3. The connection between employees and the head of the staff should be healthy.
  4. Listening to your employees and valuing their opinions should be done.
  5. Resources should be provided to enhance work productivity.
  6. If an employee does a commendable job, give him/her some recognition and point his/her achievement.
  7. Training of employees.

Work Examiner for Tracking

It has become a necessity that employee monitoring during work hours should be done. Some software like Work Examiner can play a crucial role in this.

Some of its amazing features include:

  • The time when an employee logs in or when he/she log out.
  • Creation of Online Timesheets without a hassle.
  • Attendance tracking employees.
  • Tracking time
  • It also provides stats and reports regarding work hours put and the overall productivity.

Making all the right tools and equipment ready at disposal

When it comes to the talk regarding developers of software then companies should have all the right tools and equipment. The company should have hands-on new technology that makes the work reliable and efficient. If the resources and tools are not sufficient or provided it can hugely impact the business and may stagnate the growth.

To prevent any misuse some tools or modern monitoring software may be used for efficient tracking and utilization. The resources access can be immediately restricted if any misuse is detected.

Some solutions for monitoring 

Good performance can be achieved if the right methods are used. Here are some of the possible solutions for monitoring remote developers. Exercises for general team building. Employees can play games like Egg drop. They can even share their thoughts via video conferencing.


Employee monitoring is very crucial in today’s time and can lead to good management, business growth.

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